GoodLife Corporate Membership Discounts Available to all Municipal Employees/Elected Officials

The Municipal Wellness program offers municipal employees and elected officials GoodLife corporate discount savings off regular membership. The membership details include:

  • Annual Paid In Full Membership: $549+tax
  • No Commitment Membership: $24.00+tax paid biweekly
  • Existing GoodLife members have the option to transfer over to the corporate program without penalty.

Registering for the corporate membership is ONLY done online. Please follow the steps below:

  1. IMPORTANT You must first obtain a unique code to register for the corporate discount. Simply email Rebecca Kolstee () and she will provide you with the code. Both new and existing members MUST obtain a unique code.
  2. Once you have received the code you MUST register online Have your payment information OR your existing GoodLife Membership number/key tag barcode (if applicable) readily available. Registering for the discount CANNOT be done at the clubs.

  3. If you are new to GoodLife and only after you have registered online, simply visit your Club of choice and mention you are there to pick up your new key tag. You will be required to show a photo ID when you pick up your key tag. If you are an existing GoodLife Fitness Member and already have a GoodLife key tag, you can continue to use the Club as normal.

    For more information please contact Rebecca Kolstee ()