Additional Programs and Services

Accessing the website:

Visit the WorkHealthLife website to access articles and toolkits on a variety of health and well-being topics.

  1. Type your town/municipality/organization and click on “search”
  2. Find and select your town/municipality/organization to enter the website

Navigating the website:

To learn more about the different types of counselling and coaching services available, see under the ‘my services’ tab on the top left corner of the navigation bar.

Under the additional tabs, “health & well-being”, “career & workplace”, “financial security”, and “life events” you will find a large assortment of articles on these topics.

Accessing the online EFAP services:

Under the ‘Let us Help’ section on the right:

Navigate through the various support options including online interactive programs, e-counselling and telecounselling.

  • Do you want to speak to someone now?: Click on the ‘Chat Now’ button or call the EFAP number for immediate assistance, available 24/7.
  • Want to get started, but you don’t need to speak to someone immediately? Click on the ‘Email a counsellor’ button to be connected with a counsellor or click on the ‘Get started online’ to view the online programs available.

Please note: To access the online programs and e-counselling you will be prompted to create an individual and private account using your personal email address. With respect to your confidentiality, the AMA-NSFM or your Municipality will not know you accessed the service unless you choose to share that information.

Physical health support: LIFT Sessions

LIFT is a free workout designed to support you wherever you are on your fitness journey.

Chat with fitness experts, receive a custom fitness plan and get access to a variety of workouts anywhere, anytime.

Access the app under the ‘my services’ tab.