With so much time spent at work, there are specific opportunities to improve health: on-site kitchens and eating areas, time for physical activity, and so on. And this pays off. Research shows that for every $1 organizations invest in promoting employee health there is a $3 return.

Dedication to creating a healthy workplace goes a long way for the community, for the organization’s reputation, and for the employees sense of self-worth and loyalty to the municipality.

If your municipality is interested in creating a culture that promotes health in a sustainable way, the Municipal Wellness Program is available for support. The program will provide easy-to-use tools, and resources to help create a healthy workplace. You can work at your own pace, focusing on priorities in your municipality. You’ll also be recognized as a health promoting workplace, through the municipal wellness awards. It’s a great way to position your municipality as a workplace of choice to attract top talent.

Resources to Help Create a Healthy Workplace

Awareness and Communication

Imagine if everyone works in an environment that supports and promotes their health and well-being. A Healthy Workplace is about creating a place where employees and the employers work together and support one another to promote health and well-being.

A Healthy Workplace is One Where Employers:

  • Embed health goals into organizational operations and corporate culture.
  • Provide an environment and establish work processes to protect and promote physical, psychological, and social health for their employees.
  • Work with employees to achieve a common health vision.
  • Empower managers and employees to increase control over their own health.

A Healthy Workplace is One Where Employees:

  • Have access to opportunities to adopt healthy lifestyle practices.
  • Learn and develop personal coping skills to manage stressful situations.
  • Enjoy positive working relationships with their colleagues that encourages respect, recognition for their work and a sense of belonging.
  • Experience opportunities to become involved in the decision‐making processes and are given opportunities for personal and professional growth.

How Municipalities Can Improve Employee Health:

Municipality's have a unique opportunity to support healthy behaviors by creating safe physical work environments, implementing healthy management practices, providing employees with health resources and creating meaningful community connections. Well designed and effectively implemented workplace health promotion programs can reduce:

  • Health benefit costs
  • Staff turnover
  • Absenteeism
  • Presenteeism
  • Long term disability costs
Education and Training
Programs and Resources
Policy Development