Chronic conditions are preventable! Employee wellness is a smart investment and research has shown that there is a strong link between employee health behaviours, productivity and absenteeism. Employers want to help their staff flourish, therefore investing in the health and well-being of staff is one of the most sustainable decisions municipalities can make, and the Municipal Wellness Program wants to celebrate the municipality's tremendous efforts.  

The Municipal Wellness Program has provided a list of suggested activities, tools and resources to help municipalities create a successful Municipal Wellness Day.

Here are Some Ideas you can Implement on Municipal Wellness Day

Host a Noon Hour Walk

To combat afternoon slumps in productivity and focus, host a noon hour walk or organize a friendly walking challenge between municipal departments. A gentle lunchtime stroll can immediately boost employee's mood and ability to handle stress at work. 

How to Get Started:

  • Schedule a lunch time walk in your calendar. Think of it as an important appointment. 
  • Recruit some co-workers to join you. This will help to keep each other on track. 
  • Bring your lunch or pick a route where you can grab a quick healthy meal at the end of your walk.  

Other Ideas to Promote Physical Activity:

  • Offer onsite Yoga Classes to relieve stress: Invite a yoga instructor into the office to guide the team through a yoga class. 
  • Find a 5km run in your community and offer to cover the entry fee for anyone who chooses to participate. 
  • Host an employee field day: Head to a local park in the afternoon for a game of tennis, catch, socce, frisbee or whatever else people feel like doing. Afterwards there could be a planned meal at the park or back at the office. 
  • Post a note near the elevator reminding people to take the stairs instead.
  • Offer discounts to a local gym: Many gyms will offer a discount if enough employees sign up. The Municipal Wellness program offers municipal employees a corporate discount to GoodLife facilities. For more inforamtion on the corporate rate click here
Host a Healthy Potluck
Host a Lunch and Learn
Celebrate Success
Host a Wellness Photo Contest
Host a Casual Day
Promote a Walking Meeting
Start a Wellness Initiative
Organize a Wellness Challenge
For Additional Support or More Ideas