Promote and showcase your wellness initiatives around the province

Here are Some Ideas:

  • Posters: To make planning your wellness day events a little easier, we have created posters to help promote your activities. Click here to download poster templates. Simply download, customize and print. Put your posters up in public spaces like the lunch room, bulletin boards, stairwells, etc. Get the word out so as many employees as possible see it and join in.
  • Social Media: The purpose of social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is to allow municipal employees to connect as well as interact. Don’t forget to connect your social media activity with the Municipal Wellness Program.

Creating a Successful Wellness Day

A few things to consider when planning your wellness day:

  • Use posters, email, intranets, word of mouth, etc to promote your events internally.
  • Plan when/what you will post on social media. Try to post 3-5 stories on multiple social media networks throughout the day. 

For more support in planning a wellness activity or program email Municipal Wellness Program.